Welcome Family

Family and Borderline Personality Disorder BPDMy aunt, uncle, and cousins are now reading this site. It’s kinda scary for me. I don’t think much of many family knows how fucked up I truly am. So them seeing this up close will I imagine surprise them, to say the least. Shock value, I has it. I’m not looking to shock. I’m looking to inform. And since mental illness is hereditary, it only makes sense to me to include my family. Which isn’t to say I think my family has mental health issues, but if they can relate in some small way to even one small part: Hey, we, me, you, aren’t alone!

Which bring me to another thought. My mother started back on her anti-depressants when she started reading this. She had never known how bad I was.

I don’t think even I know how bad I am. All I can do is write everything out and try to figure things out as I type. Then go back and reread hoping something new will come to light.

Anyway, welcome family.

Please comment often and ask any questions. All I ask is that you stick a name on it so I know who I’m talking to. And when you post a comment check back because I often respond to it in comment form in the same entry.

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