Poll Results

I’ve been thinking over what the poll (regarding the balance of this blog) is starting to show me. It is far from over, but so far everyone thinks it’s got perfect balance.

Most people also think I could stand to show the ties between the personal stuff I post and BPD.

I’ve been putting a lot of thought into that.

The problem is, not EVERYTHING I post has to do with bpd. Some of it is simply getting to know me. Which isn’t the main point of this blog, but the disease needs a face, so to speak. When I blog about my mental illness you see the worse side of me. Whereas the cute stories about my kids and other trivial stuff shows you the human side of the monster.

I guess I’m also torn. Not over what I should post, because I’ll post what I damn well want to post. I’m torn over how to show the link between things like me going out and spending money, for example, and BPD. All while avoiding the phrase, “And this relates to BPD because.”

The poll is still up, go cast a vote if you haven’t already.

Meanwhile I do recognize I need to work on how I go about this blog. Hey, it’s only been 8 months and practice will make perfect, right? So I’m going to work on doing what you guys seem to want. As long as we can all agree not everything here will be about BPD. My human non-monster side needs to show it’s face too.

Finally, I’m starting to let it sink in that I can’t make everyone happy. So I’m settling for myself and the majority. But that’s only the majority of those who speak up.

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