Isn’t It Ironic

The true irony of it all is when that cage was put in front of me I immediately chose the gray rat on the wheel. My heart was in love. But Pat said she was a girl and pointed out the twins, who I hadn’t even noticed yet, saying they were the boys. I wasn’t as happy with them other then the fun of them being identical. I knew I could easily settle for them and love them but my heart hurt for the little girl rat.

Well we ended up taking that little girl rat home with us anyway as well as the other 3. Then one week later, oh look it’s a boy. If we had known that a week ago I would have had the rat formally known as Syren in a box and never would have noticed the others and never would have had the snake food conversation. We’d own 2 rats right now like what Pat intended.

For David’s piece of mind, no rats are going back to the pet store. I love them all, they will not become snake food. In fact, no rats are leaving this home unless it’s in my pocket to go to work with me (That’ll be the day I get fired, though not instantly I’ve been assured. Yes, my boss and I have had this conversation.) Gabby is not my favorite. She is even the one I dubbed free because while I couldn’t let her get eaten, she wasn’t one of the ones I was choosing between in the initial choice. But she is still one of my babies and I’m not giving her up.

Oh and David, too bad you live so damn far away. I’m going to need a couch to crash on when I sneak a 6th rat (a little girl of course) into this home. Because Pat will be pissed.

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