Cute Story

It’s been awhile since I told a good story involving one of my kids. So here is one brought to you by Luke.

Pat has running aloe-vera on my burn for me and then gently blowing on it because OMG best feeling ever. Next thing I know I’m feeling little gusts of wind on my right knee. I look down and there is Luke blowing on my knee.

Then later on he had a bit of a melt down and I looked at him and ask, “Do you want a nap?… … … Yes or know, do you want a nap?” He thinks about it then comes up to em and goes “Yeah.” So I take the baby gate down setting him free and told him to go up stairs he climbs the stairs like a champ and I put him to bed. I got all the way back down stairs before he started screaming. I guess he changed his mind.

Poor kid though has a pin head sized blister on each cheek and little dots of blisters all over his nose. The color is fading though and the blisters aren’t getting any worse so I think the worst is over and we just need to ride it out from here. He likes letting me put the aloe-vera on him. He even helps me rub it in. At least that isn’t a battle. And he loves the children’s Motrin. Begged for more after I gave him some.

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