When I started my promotion to lap supervisor, and transferred to my new lab, I came in with so much confidence that I was floating on air.

As time went by, though, it seemed like the staff here had little confidence in me. I blame the previous supervisor. She was not a strong leader and did not seem to want to do her job.

Time passed and my depression hit. Their lack of confidence sunk in and I earned that. I lost my strength and drowned in my weakness.

Now I’m back to being strong at work.

The ironic thing is the staff here has taken it upon themselves to boost my confidence.

The question that has me up at night is this:

Did they have confidence in me in the beginning and did I lose myself all on my own?
Was I right and did the lack of confidence in me start with them and get me down when I was at me weakest point.

I’ve always taken pride in my work and I feel that I deserve respect for what I do. With respect comes confidence in my ability.

I was chosen for this job over someone you use to do this job. I was chosen for a reason.

So while they instill my confidence back in me, I’m going to secretly yet blatantly demand the respect and confidence I deserve.

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