Because Drama Llama Is Not Done Stressing Out Over This

Here is the decision as it stands now that some time to think rationally has passed.

We are going to wait out the next 3 weeks. If by some chance, whatever chance, Gabby is pregnant, the babies will have been born by then.

If she is indeed pregnant the Capital Area Human Society will accept baby Rat Admissions. I’ll pick 1-2 of her daughters to stay with her, the rest will be admitted so the shelter. The shelter will find them good homes.

If she is not pregnant I will go to the shelter and select a female Rat to come home with me. It’ll be slightly more expensive than the pet store, but I won’t feel like I’m playing god choosing which rats are to live, and which are to die. If by some chance they don’t currently have any females, then Pat will go back to the pet store and will select a female to bring home to me.

That is the plan, and I’m sticking to it.

I feel a lot better now, by the way. I’ve regained my sense of confidence in the situation as well as my sense of control. I’m no longer confused and disoriented in the whole ordeal.

In other words, my BPD influences over the situation are back under control.

Drama Llama is still stressed, but I am not. I’m kinda excited to see what happens.

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