Weight Problems

I’m getting frustrated. The numbers are going up, not down.

I know I’m on my period, atm, so my current rise in weight might be because of that. But that still means I haven’t lost any more.

I’m just frustrated because I’m on 4 meds that can cause weight gain, and here I am struggling to lose. I feel like it’s a never ending battle.

And I’m a compulsive eater so if you buy me ice cream of course I’m going to eat it all and not make it last.

I feel like I was doing so good before the hospital. There I got back in the habit of eating as much as I want. And I CAN’T DO THAT.

I thought I’d be fine not doing the slim fast this month. I’m apparently wrong. And now all the food stamps are gone and I’ve gone 2 weeks without a pay check so there is no option to buy more.

And I’m just fat and pissed off.


Part of me want to kick start more weight loss by fasting for a couple days. Clean my system out. But I can’t do that because I have to take my one med with food. And I know that isn’t healthy anyways. And it seems stupid to get healthy with unhealthy methods.

I’m just going to have to stop whining about it and work harder at it.

Less aaaaauuuuurrrrrrggggggghhhhh, more Grrrrrrrrrr *acts all tough and stuff*

5 thoughts on “Weight Problems

  1. I don't know if it will help you at all, but I am currently on a 600calorie diet. (Well, more or less, anyway). I don't actually record or count every freaking calorie. I just average, and will end up with anything from 400 to 800 calories on average, per day. If you excercise, you are allowed to eat more, to stay consistent with the net caloric count. I allow one cheat day every two weeks, where I can drink (which, I don't really do that often, but I give myself the option if I wanted to), eat something of high caloric count, or, as it is mostly used, do a date-night with my husband where calories don't matter.
    I've lost 10lbs in a month, and even though the scale hasn't said anything else recently, my husband commented that my mommy tummy is disappearing.
    Hope that helps you a bit. :)

  2. I don't think I could do that. Mostly because I don't believe in counting what you eat. I've been dealing with portion control which was working but then it went to shit when I went to the hospital.

  3. i am most definately no expert, but….i have always heard that a total change of eating habits and exercise is necessary. However, i do understand the need to "kick start" weight loss"…although, 600 calories a day is waaaaaaay too low, even for that….i know anything under 1000 calories a day is very unhealthy for weight loss and even that is very low. Caveat…with my crazy eating habits…i don't "walk the walk"…but i do exercise…lol.

  4. Actually, 600 is what is recommended for a jumpstart, and for those who don't really excercise much. I took a nutrition course a few years ago, and was working off of that, but I also consulted a dietitian at the doctor's before I started. For my size and level of activity, 600 is a healthy figure. It all depends on the individual. It;s probably best to consult someone.

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