The Meltdown

I’d been wanting to take my money to meijers since I got the check Wednesday. But since I could only get half of it out we went to krogers to take care of school supplies and shit.

I was able to withdraw the other 120 on Thursday and the plan was for me to go to meijers at some point that day.

I was originally going to go after work before I went home, but I had bought some flowers and I knew they couldn’t sit in the car while I shopped. So I went straight home (with the slight sidetrack of the accident). Once home it was decided I’d use part of my money to take me and Pat to see Transformers 2.

I really wanted to go to Meijers first. Of the two it was the most important to me. But I rationalized that Meijers was open 24/7 so I could go after the movie which didn’t run 24/7.

So we went to the movie.

And it was good, but way more explosions than I’m personally able to handle. And lots of fire.

So between the accident earlier and the explosions of the movie, I was on edge headed towards over load.

S o after the movie I drop Pat back home and go to Meijers, finally. I get there to find out it closes now at 12PM. It was 12:09.

I drive home and melt down.

I don’t remember much of what I said or what I did but I do know I was not very pleasant or rational.

I ended up staying up all night which gave me a chance think things through and get myself in a better place.

Once Luke woke Friday morning I brought him down to Pat, got dressed and went to Meijers.

And it wasn’t that I had to get anything that urgent. I was just really looking forward to going. I got some important stuff like laundry soap. But most importantly to me I got myself some stationary for the letters I’m writing to Tracy. I’m very excited about that part.

But yes, I finally got to go to Meijers. And I’m now broke, but I stuck to my to buy list and ended up with 30$ left which cleared my debt with Jesse.

So I won and did good with my money.

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  1. Yay, letters! i'm going out of town to the fam for 2 weeks…can't remember if your e-mail is posted…if so, if you want, i'll send the address…no pressure…you have enough of that!

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