Someone Remind Me And A Ramble

When we get our next tax return and I have a couple grand to play with, I’m giving myself a spa day. Facial, message, manicure, pedicure, the works! It’ll cost me $457 but I think it’s well deserved. Hehe if I start saving as soon as I’ve paid Jesse back… let’s see… 500$ divided by 20$ a week I can have it in 25 weeks. Plus 6 more weeks of paying Jesse back, that’s 31 weeks. 31 weeks divided by 4.5 weeks in a month and that’s 6.888888 months. So 6-7 months. That’ll be December or January. I think I’m better off waiting for the tax return coming in February or March.


Sometimes I wish I could be one of those ladies. Powerful husband, more then enough money. I could have a weekly standing date at the spa. I wouldn’t have to work so I could afford to be as crazy as I really am. I’d have a nanny to help me with the children. I wouldn’t be one of those moms who have nothing to do with the kids. I’d just have help. Someone to allow me pee breaks and migraine naps. And yes, spa retreats. But I enjoy eating dinner with them and taking them to the park. I’d still be involved. I think I’d enjoy my kids more if they weren’t such and overwhelming responsibility.

I’m working on enjoying them more now. When I got home from work today instead of melting down I took the kids out front. We have a small enclosed patio in the back, but Luke goes right for the dirt where Thomas digs with his diggers. Out front there are sidewalk paths and grass and it’s really pretty nice. It’s also kept pretty clean and well maintained. I’m going to try to get the kids out there more. Luke was able to just run and run on the sidewalks with me running right behind him. Thomas had room for his skateboard. He’s scared of it now. Won’t use 2 feet. I’m hoping a helmet and pads will help with that.

Pat and I have decided we are taking the boys to “church” every Sunday afternoon. And by church we mean the park. When you worship mother earth, there is no better place to celebrate her than someplace with green grass and plenty of trees. Anyway, the local one by my mom has a playground that is Luke’s size. Last week we went to an open field and flew TK’s new kite. Then my mom showed up after real church and brought his t-ball set. We need to get him a glove for baseball. He can hit the ball, but he needs to learn to catch. Maybe I’ll suggest that to Brenda for Thomas’s birthday. Hey Brenda, if you need a gift idea for little man’s birthday, he could use a baseball glove. There, now that was easy. Anyway we just played and hung-out and made Luke scream by making him be in grass.

Work was better today. I don’t know. Things just flowed better and there weren’t any issues. So there was nothing to handle. I got orders, I printed them, repeat, done. I even remembered to order supplies which I’ve been meaning to do all week.

I still have some work related things I need to sort through and work out. But I’ll get to them in time. I think mostly I don’t feel the managers have faith in me and respect me. But it’s hard telling because everyone loves to tease. I can get my one manager to be serious when I sit down and talk to him about my illness, so I think I just need to sit him down and ask him point blank “Do you respect me” and if the answer is not to my liking “what can I do to change that”. The only thing I know for sure about anything though is that they think I’m a chatter box. And that’s like informing water that it’s wet. So I’m not so worried there.

Wow, how did I start out with spa days and end with work respect. Ya’ll following along with me? LOL


Thomas has mastered the phrase AFK. He’ll tell us he is going afk, and then he’ll write it down and go do what ever it was he was going afk to do. For those of you not playing the home game, AFK stands for Away From Keyboard. It is gamer lingo for “I’m going to go take a piss, I won’t be at my computer.” and stuffs like that. Ironically, Thomas now announces AFK before he goes to the bathroom. I put a spin on it a few months back when our computers and the play room were still in the basement. I told Pat AFK when I was stepping away from the kid to go upstairs. It meant Pat needed to be aware of what Luke was doing.

Anyway, Thomas now has AFK tattooed (sharpie marker) on the back of one hand and LOL on the other.

I miss thug. Sorry, the fish tank is right next to my desk so my eyes wandered that way in between thoughts and low and behold, there was no thug.

I think I’m going to end this. I want to put another coat of polish on my nails. I’ll pause while you get up from falling off you chair mother.


Then I have a book I’m determined to finish tonight so I can start one I’m really excited about. I promise to tell you what I’m reading when I start reading it. But not yet, because it’ll ruin the point of the whole what I’m reading post. And we don’t want that.


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