Sleep, It Does The Body Good

My husband just called me the bitch of the family.

In other news.

So I had an interesting night, sleep wise.

I curled up on the floor by the back sliding door to nap in the sunlight at about 6 last night for a cat nap. Once people stopped mocking me and I actually fell asleep, I slept there till about 2:30 AM. I woke realizing the floor is hard, the sun was gone, and the cat was tickling my nose with her tail. I can’t blame her, I was in her favorite napping spot. So I crawled into my bed and slept til about 7:30. At which point I got up, ate breakfast, messed around on my comp for a bit, and then went back to bed til like 10:30.

As my favorite saying goes: If sleeping were an Olympic event, I’d be sponsored by serta.

Honestly though, switching my Cymbalta from night to morning helps a lot. I actually feel rested after my sleep. Which I should since I got so much of it. I think I was catching up from the night before.

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