Raw Minerals

I signed up for and today received a 30-day free sample of raw minerals and all I paid for 1.95 shipping and handling.

Mind you I’ve started wearing make-up recently and this is exactly the type of thing I’ve been wanting to afford.

So it arrived today and I opened the box. Took inventory of the goodies enclosed. I play this right and use it only on special occasions, I can make this stuff last for a good year. And that gives me a year to afford more.

Then I get to the fine print. This 30-day free sample will cost me 90$ in 30 days, unless I mail everything back in said given time span. It’s ok if the make-up has been used up. They need to containers back or they are charging me.

Because clearly after 2 weeks of being off work and with TK’s birthday in a month, I have 90$ to blow on the makeup right now.

This is what I get for trying to turn into a woman.

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