This is hard for me to write. Mostly because I know my mom will read it and I don’t want to hurt her. I’d leave it alone but maybe this will explain things to her from my point of view. A point of view usually skewed by yelling and or crying.

I love my children. More than anything I love them. But I struggle with them time to time. I think that’s been fairly well documented on this blog by now. So my saving grace is my mother. Just when I’m about at the end of my rope she flies in and rescues my boys from me and gives us all a break.

Sometimes this is last minute when I call her and inform her it’s for the best. Usually it’s planned, she knows in advance she is taking them on such and such weekend.

Weekend being from Friday night till Sunday afternoon.

Sometimes we plan it so she has them from some point Saturday till some point Sunday, just a short 24 hour excursion usually inspired by her taking them to church with her Sunday morning.

And sometimes, just sometimes my mom informs me she’ll take the boys for a weekend getting my hopes up, and just when I’m about to burst I’m at my weakest point I can’t take it anymore, she informs me that isn’t what she meant, she made appointments.

3 thoughts on “Mothers

  1. Let's please just communicate better. I had no idea you weren't working Sat. You usually do. I've been making appts Friday nights and getting kids them from Pat on Saturday. I thought it was the same ol same ol. If you make specific plans outside of the normal, then just let me know. I'll do the best I can, but I need the second job too. We can make this work and I really do understand. When I raised you I had no parents/grandparents around at all and your father was home very little. Baba was my saving grace if I had one at all. I really do love you.

  2. Ok.

    Weekend = Friday night till some point Sunday.
    Overnight = Some point Saturday to some point Sunday.

    The original deal was 1 weekend a month, occasional overnights.

  3. This sounds ok. I figure since it's summer and I have the pool I'll try to do more sat/sun overnights plus the occ weekend. That way I have my Fri/Sat am appts, they have pool, we all do church and then meet at park or whatever….

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