Decision and My Dad

I think what I’m going to have to do is sit down with him, tell him how I feel and what I’m seeing. Tell him it isn’t fair for him to treat us poorly because he messed up. Really talk with him. But then also let him know we need to see an attitude change if he’s going to continue to live here. As well as signs that he’s starting the process to get medicated and on ssi.

This sucks.

Am I being too harsh?

Too impulsive?

To childish?

One thought on “Decision and My Dad

  1. Have you discussed this with your therapist? I don't see Rachel being able to help with housing when she has no place of her own and won't for some time to some. We all thought you were getting in over your head, but you wouldn't take no for an answer. I'm totally at a loss for a suggestions unless it's to talk with Grandma Kay.

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