Change Can Be Good…

I’m changing anti-depressants (AD)

Me: I need to change my AD
Dr B: Ok
Me: It’s isn’t working I’m still depressed, unmotivated, and tired all the time.
Dr B: Ok
Me: I learned about something in the hospital…
Dr B: Ok
Me: I learned about Norepinephrine and how if it’s too low it can make you tired and low in energy.
Dr B: Correct
Me: Is there and AD that affects both Serotonin and Norepinephrine?
Dr B: Yep
Me: Then that’s what I want.
Dr B: Ok, which one do you want to try?
Me: I don’t know, I didn’t research into them that far. What are my options?
Dr B: _________, ___________ and Cymbalta
Me: Oh! I have a friend (Hi Tracy I listened!) who’s been recommending that one! Let’s give it a try. And then I can be like oh by the way I’m trying Cymbalta.
Dr B: Ok.

So for the next 4 days I’m down to 40 from 60Mg of Celexa and then for 5 days after that I’m down to 20Mg then I’m off celexa.

And then in 5 days I start 30Mg of Cymbalta for a week then I’m up to 60mg.

If I can get the insurance company to pay for it. They’re all like “Yo this shit’s expensive! We want to you try this, this, and this first.” And Dr B is going to be all like “Yo Bitches! She’s tried this and this and this and that shit don’t work! Now give her the good shit!” If that doesn’t work out I’ll get free samples of the Cymbalta to be sure it works and then we’ll go from there. She’s just out of samples at the moment which she says is rare.

4 thoughts on “Change Can Be Good…

  1. Yay, Cymbalta! i really, really hope it helps you! Yep, the stuff is super expensive….even with insurance, which we thankfully have. One weird thing…if i miss a day or two…i have really vivid, usually bad dreams…strange.

  2. i found it v e r y weight (oh shit, what's it called??? i wanted to sound in the know…even though i'm not!). i think the term is "weight neutral"…i have even heard some people lose weight on it…

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