Ads Again

Awhile back I had Google ad sense ads on my blog. And I thought it was going well. The money was adding up and I was excited. Some of you remember half of the profits were going to charity. The other half was going towards supporting my family. I won’t lie, I would love to write for a living. Between this blog and the book I’m working on. (3 chapters are complete, btw.)

Then a bout a month or 2 ago I got word from ad sense that the were banning my account for illegal click activity. What it boiled down to, was someone was just sitting there clicking my ads over and over and over again. Not so good.

I received no warning and no second chances.

Ad sense is awesome, but they don’t mess around.

So after weighing my options for awhile, and consulting my tech support I decided to go with someone else. So far, Ad Brite seems to be awesome. And I have my ads back.

As always, I can’t ask you to click them. And really seriously, I wouldn’t want you to click just to click. That gets me in trouble. BUT if you see something interesting, you know what to do. Help a gal out. And remember half of everything goes to Concord, who has saved my life numerous times.

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