Thomas and School

Well it’s been the epic battle of the year but I finally know where Thomas is going to school.

The problem is that we are in the school district for the main city public schools. Which roughly translates too: too many kids, not enough teachers and not even close to enough money. The idea scares me.

We considered sending him to the Christian Academy affiliated with the church he goes to preschool at. However, the daily pledge to the Christian flag and bible was more than I could stomach.

We can’t afford any other private school so we were stuck.

Pat considered home schooling. I put my foot down with a no that was heard miles around.

With options running out we looked into the alternative schools in our distract. They have the same funding but the are the best the district has to offer.

We applied to the 3 closest to us.

We got wait listed for all 3.

Then Tuesday something magic happened. I got a phone call letting me know that Thomas was officially accepted.

So I went that very afternoon to take a peek. Compared to our other options it looks pretty decent. I met the office staff. They seem nice and spoke highly of the school. I met another parent, and she seemed to think highly of the school as well.

I know it’s not the best of the best. Maybe not even the best of the worst. But as far as our options go it’s the best we can do. And I’m ok with that.

Now if he’d only master his alphabet.

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