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  1. So suggestions to help, when you get angry stop yourself before you start thinking irrationally, I know its hard at first and it’s a habbit forming thing. But if you really work at it and have Pat rimind you when youare getting overly upset then you should be able to do it given time. What are you trying to accomplish? Well, in doing this you will not let things bother you as much becasue your not getting as angry anymore, you are not going into raging fits endangering people around you. Plus you will feel better about your slef when you see how much easier things are when you think straighter. Now when you get reminded that you are getting overly angry don’t pass it off and get angrier, remind your self they are trying to help you. Ignore your self when you start to think of angry snappy come backs and bit your tongue (litterlly) until you don’t need to in order to ignore your own anger. hope this helps, I’ll be looking for questions or comments to better expalin anything.

  2. Morning Rebecca that is solid advice. I’ve been working on it. I’ll post more on that later though. I’m still trying to figure out how to form the thought.

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