Stressed Out

I go back to work on Monday and I’m not sure that I’m ready. I’ve been tossing and turning over this for the past week and I’m too the point of panicked. I’ve been off for the past 2 weeks, unpaid. Jesse paid a few bills for us so that we could make this happen. I mean realistically I was in the hospital for almost half of it, so it isn’t like I had a choice. The second half I took off because I’m just not ready to be out in the world yet. I’m still at the phase where I want to hide in my room and be a shadow.

I dunno.

I just know that NOW is the time for the rich uncle I don’t know about to die and leave me everything.

I’m so sick of crying over this.

Why can’t I just be a big girl and suck it up and go back to work?

Because I’m not ready.

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