Random Bubble Babble

We have a fish tank. Our fish tank is currently (and this has been known to change monthly or weekly) 1 blue snail (Essie), 3 zebra danios, 2 black mollys (Molly and Mike Mulligan), and 3 neon tetras.

One of the neon tetras is significantly smaller than the rest of well existence. He is about as long as a pinkie nail. I named him thug.

Thug is that tank wide, hide and seek champion. He also loves to give mommy, me, a heart attack. I’ve made Pat move things around in the tank a couple times now looking for him. He likes the castle the best.

I keep threatening that he’s so cute I could just swallow him whole. Mind you I make this threat to anything little and cute, including human babies. But your average human baby isn’t about the size of the pills I take on a daily basis. 4 Thugs would equal 1 800MG Ibuprofen.

Oh yes, and then there is peach. While at the fish store buying most the rest of the fish I also picked up 10 rosey feeder fish for our aquatic turtles. Pat decided 1 of them was too pretty and into our tank he went. He named him peach. That’s the type of man my husband is.

And now all our fish have ick and Thomas has named all the unnamed fish, spot. I’m not sure what he’ll do once the treatments we are giving them work. LOL

Up until a week ago we had 2 beta fish. 1 died due to cat trauma and so we threw the other into the fish tank because it was almost empty of fish. When we invested in new fish and the beta was picking on them, the beta went back into his own little tank. But apparently he didn’t adapt well and he kicked the bucket yesterday.

Next I’m getting 2 more snails and another beta. One at a time. We have a fish of the month club card. We got it free with our large fish purchase so we get a free fish of our choosing every month. And at the rate we go through fish around here….

Though thankfully our tank is finally balanced so here is to hoping we can sustain life….

This post brought to you by the latest thug induced heart attack. I figured it was time I post on the smallest members of our family.

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