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My Rages

My rages are turning me into an abusive mother. I’m not fully there yet but I’m so scared I will be. It’s my blind rages that really scare me.

I’m working on them, I really am.

But in the meantime I’m no longer allowed to be alone with my children.

And part of me keeps thinking if I were no longer in the picture, they’d be so much better off. I could just walk out the door and not come back.

I’ve already been yelled at twice now for that one.

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  1. Ping from aaww_my_bees:

    It’s so weird. we think so much alike. :(
    I refuse to be alone with mine. I’m so scared of what I could do and I can’t tell anyone so people think I’m just trying to get out of taking care of them when I don’t want to be alone with them.

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