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I’m A Complusive Eater

There, I said it. Seriously though? I am. It is actually one of the ways in which I’m BPD.

Today Pat and I started a diet. We are using slimfast for breakfast and lunch and using portion control for dinner.

I’m also working on cutting out the compulsive eating. I’ll allow myself small snacks but even just cutting back from a container of slimjims down to just two is a huge step.

Here is to hoping the diet works. I want to lose 80-100 pounds total (down to 150-170). Though I’d be happy with even just 50-60 (down to around 200).

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  1. Ping from tracy:

    Hee, i’m on a “new way of eating program” too. That is, i h a v e to stop drinking so much wine…i eat a bunch of junk at night when i do that…doh, it’s so obvious , the cause and effect…but so hard to change habits!

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