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  1. Dear Karen, you really have a beautiful blog going here. You must have some intensive design knowledge or know someone that has.

    The reason why I popped in is because I was married to a BPD for three years, (although the lady refuses to accept the fact that she had a BPD). Many of the stuff you say here could have been written by my ex-wife. My ex left me near the end of 2002 and has since moved abroad to Australia taking our little daughter with her. (On my Blog I refer to it as State sanctioned abduction of my child). After all theses years I still cannot get over the fact that we were once so happy. I obviously had no clue what BPD was. I’ll appreciate it if you can pop over to my humble abode, and have a look at the “BorderlineATTACK Book” I’ve written. My Blog is not as professional as yours, — but I’ll get there sometime! Please take care and cherish the family you have. The love hate thing is a horrible BPD reality, but in the end love always conquers. This is not advice – it is simply my opinion!

  2. Thanks, Patrick. And i’m sure you will take my letter to her. Tell her “Hi” for me and send hugs.

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