Holy Shit I’m Back

I have A LOT to post. I have an entry for each day I was there plus some bonus material. I swear to get to that later. First, however, I need to address a few comments.

First, I want to thank the kind thoughts regarding me and the hospital. It was the best thing that could have happened. I also made two wonderful friends there that I hope to carry out into real world friendships.

Second, I did not design the actual coding for the blog. That was done by the talents of someone I do not know on the world wide web. Which isn’t to say I haven’t dedicated hours to making this blog what it is. I just can’t claim the code.

Third, I’m happy to see I’ve picked up a few new readers. Always humbles me. I hope to be able to keep your interest.

One thought on “Holy Shit I’m Back

  1. 3 weeks, huh? :)

    Welcome back, glad you’re feeling better.

    This “Comment as” thing is cool, but confusing. I have ALL those.

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