Dear Mother, Mother of All…

I have a little prayer I say when I need to. It usually involves a sick kid and me asking for the strength needed to take care of what I have to do.

It varies in it’s wording depending on the situation.

“Dear Mother, Mother of all, please help me have the strength to take care of our (mine, Pat’s and hers) child. ” (and his damn toe)
“Dear Mother, Mother of all, please give me the strength to not kill our children, I want grandchildren.” (That one is in jest, but she has kids so she understands.)

I pretty much always get my answer. Quietly, non-obtrusively, as if it could have been there all along and I didn’t need to ask. But I always say thank you and give credit where credit it due.

Tonight, however, was a little different.

Luke was showing signs of an ear infection so I took him to a local after hours. We’re suppose to go to the zoo tomorrow so I needed to know if that trip was being put on hold. (That and I don’t mess around when my kids are sick. I may be the worlds worst mother but don’t come between me and a doctor when my kid may need one.) So we get there and have little wait in the waiting room where there are actual toys and get called back to one of the rooms. Where we proceed to wait for what felt like an hour, with a toddler who is already up past his bedtime. You see the problem?

Tonight’s prayer went like this:

“Dear Mother, Mother of all please help our child get through this.”

And I muttered it over and over for about 5 minutes while holding a screaming child to my body. Then I got the bright idea to twitter it, which I never did do. Then it dawned on me! My phone! My phone is the one thing I could pull out of my purse that wouldn’t hurt him that would also entertain him for an indefinite amount of time.

Tonight’s second prayer went like this:

“Dear Mother, Mother of all, please don’t let him hurt it.”

I got that one out about twice when it dawned on me I could turn the mp3 function on and then lock the keys back up. I wonder what will happen?

What happened is that he sat there quietly with my damn phone pressed to his ear for about 10 minutes before the doctor finally entered the room.

Thank you Mother, Mother of all.

Oh, and Luke is just fine.

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