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As I have made mention, I am indeed working on writing a book dealing with my life with BPD. There are only a few out there, so I believe the market is there.

My goal is to seek a publisher once my blog has increased in popularity. That should help solve the problem of “who cares”. I’m going to use this blog as a tool to show people why they should care. Not about me, I myself am just a tool. But people need to care about this illness. People need to understand this illness. Not just for me but for everyone who has it.

What will my book cover? Everything this website doesn’t. I’ll start with my youth and lead through until a year or so after diagnosis. The book is meant to go hand in hand with this blog and someday my site. There will be some overlap but for the most part this blog covers modern day and the book will cover the past.

Am I anywhere close to being done? Hells no. I have about 7 pages written but for now those seven pages are thoughts written out that will be compiled and shaped and formed into what will later be a book.

Do I really think people will read it? I hope so. My main goal is to keep it interesting. Right now I have 3 people who have read what I’ve written so far who will be my confidants. They will be my advisers as to whether what I’ve written in interesting or a waste of time. So far so good. Later I will pull in someone close who isn’t emotionally invested in me and will seek their opinion. I have a couple possible people in mind. But for now I just need to keep reminding myself to keep it interesting.

I have something to say, but what’s the point if no one wants to read it?

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  1. Ping from tracy:

    A book, that is sooo cool! My mother-in-law keeps saying i should write a book…i think it’s just because she wants to know all my awful secrest…HA! Pen name! i’m just not a write…a rambler, as you have seen, but….

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