Thomas and Migraines

I’m still struggling with this. No kid his age should have to feel so much pain.

I took Thomas to the doctor today in regards to his headaches. The doctor did a neurological exam and determined there doesn’t seem to be any underlying reasons for the headaches. It’s rare for kids his age to get migraines but he has all the proper symptoms and a strong family history so it seems my kid is one in a million.

We have an appointment in September for the neurology department at the local children’s hospital. Thomas’s doctor just wants to be absolutely sure nothing else is going on since Thomas is so young.

In the meantime Thomas is to take Cyproheptadine every day as a preventative measure.

Which leads me to the fun fact of the day. As of this afternoon, with the use of rice grains to practice, my 5 year old can now swallow pills.

The concept freaked me out when I was twice his age.

But given a choice between forcing a nasty liquid down his throat every day or teaching him to swallow the pills, I went for the lesser of two battles.

In addition we’ll be using a gel that gets rubbed into the inside of his wrist as needed when he has a break through migraine.

I’m working on learning to deal with this.

I keep telling myself it could be so very much worse.

But I’ll still feel a lot better if the meds work.

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