Things I’m OCD About

Yes, this is all for real.

  • Body fluids. I’m very adverse to them.
  • When I set my alarm I turn it off and on 3 times, before the back light goes off.
  • Everything has it’s place and only one place.
  • Organize canned goods according to what’s in them.
  • Organize books according to what style they are (fantasy, classics, etc)
  • I am a list maker
  • I live according to a schedule. Everything planned out.
  • You should see me eat my M&M’s (brown, yellow, green, red, orange, blue)
  • I’m 15 minutes early or I consider myself late. God forbid I ever actually be late.

I’m sure there is so much more I can’t even think of. Pat isn’t much help.

One thought on “Things I’m OCD About

  1. I'm so with you on the books, infact that's how I organise my dvds too…
    And M&Ms, don't get me started. I have to eat them in threes, of the same or similar colours. No idea why, either.
    I'm enjoying your blog, reading it from the beginning. I hope I'll catch up to the present at some point!

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