School Stress

Thomas starts kindergarten in the fall. That fact alone is stressing me out to no end.

I think that’s where last night’s dream stems from.

I’m not bothered that my baby is growing up.

What is getting me is the process of finding him a school and getting him in it. See, we live in the main city school district. Which means too many kids, and not enough funding. So we’ve spent this year hotly debating what to do.

I wanted him to go to the academy that is affiliated through the church his preschool is with at first. But I couldn’t stomach the pledge to the bible and Christian flag he’d have to say every morning. Among other things. But that left us with limited choices.

So I decided to look into our city’s alternative schools. Believe me there was alot of research involved here. So I found 3 that were close by that were better than nothing and I put his name in the lottery system for those 3 schools. Then I waited. And I waited some more. A couple months went by and we got the results. He’s waited listed to all 3. And he is number 8 in line for 1, and it’s a good one, and chances are that’s where he goes. But the fact that it’s one of those schools or nothing weighs heavy on me.

If all else fails my husband wants to home school. An idea I’m not at all ok with.

So here I sit crossing my fingers that he can get into one of the schools.

It’s only his future on the line.

Oh, and I’d not turn down the added bonus of the little shit finally figuring out his numbers and alphabet. We’re working on it but with only a few months left to go, he’s just now finally showing interest and not quite grasping it.


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