Irrationally Irritable Or Is It Rational?

There will be no more Daily Thomas for awhile.

The kid complains that I never take his picture but when I try he pulls bullshit like covering his smile after I spend 5 minutes trying to get even a forced one. So he’s going to see what it truly means to never take his picture.

Kid has some hard lessons coming up.

He told his Grandmother that daddy never plays with him and plays wow all day. Daddy is hardly on wow until I get home. He plays with both boys as much as he physically can and feels bad he can’t do it more. So for the next few days he’s showing Thomas what it means to really have a daddy that doesn’t play with him.

He’s taking too much for granted.

We have the rule that he only has to hardcore clean his room once a week. We even let him pick which day of the week is the cleaning day and give him an allowance. That day comes around we have to fight him. He counters that fine he doesn’t want an allowance. Or if I ask him on a different day to straighten it up, he comes back with what will you give me. So I’ve decided he is cleaning his room every day until he can clean it for a week straight with no fight and no smart ass remarks. And no more allowance. He needs to do what he’s told because he’d told to do it. Not because he’s being paid.

He also had his wow characters taken away. He was taking for granted that he had them and was acting spoiled over it. He was acting well behaved then demanding he got to play as reward. We’re teaching him it doesn’t work that way. He’s good because otherwise will lead to punishment. The breaking point came when he was pissed off because daddy picked me up from work because it meant he couldn’t play wow. Seriously? He can have wow back when we can afford to maintain his own account. So in a few years.

I’m done ranting but the main point is simple: He’s acting like a spoiled brat and it has to stop.

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