Happy 6th Anniversay Baby

Yesterday marked me and Pat’s 6th wedding anniversary. Today we celebrate.

Mom has both boys and dad is vacating at around 4.

As we speak we have steaks marinating in the fridge (my first real steak) ready to be paired with fresh green beans, portobello mushrooms, and mashed potatoes after Pat grills them to perfection.

Earlier today, Pat took me to the park of roses and we went creeking. And by creeking I mean I was nearly swimming and would have been actually swimming, if not for the recent case of bronchitis (I still have my cough).

All in all I think this will be the most perfect anniversary. Yummy cooking, creek playing and all.

We almost didn’t make it to our 4th anniversary. That was immediately following the days when things were rocky. The 5th anniversary was guaranteed once we got past the 4th. By that point Luke was only a few months old, and Pat and I were stable. This one I’ve been fairly confident in. Even when things were a little crazy, I was still confident I wanted to be with him. Pat rarely doubts that he wants to be with me. I think I’m really lucky there.

For our 10th anniversary we are renewing our wedding vows. In said creek from today, in fact. Our loved ones will gather on the banks while Pat and I stand in the middle and declare our love. He plans to give me my long in the planning 3 stone diamond ring. I plan to give him a really nice chain to wear his wedding band on. We’ll say anything but the traditional vows and will hopefully be presided over by our good friend Stacy. She has seen us through thick and thin. She’s known us since before we were an us, and will be there with us when we are all old and gray. She is who I turned to when I needed a place to live when Pat and I were rocky. And she’s always been a solid stable ground for both Pat and I together. There is no more of a perfect person to help us reaffirm our union.

But all that is in the future. For now I’m just going to enjoy today.

And that means stepping away from this for now.

Have a glorious Saturday world. I know I am!

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