News of the Catty Kind

Well, my mission to reclaim my cat is working. She follows me around like a lost puppy…

… When she can’t get to my father.

Oh, didn’t I tell you about that?

Early in my pregnancy with Luke, Pat bought me a blue Tabby kitten. I named her Sophie Blu. And she use to come when she was called and all that jazz. Then my father moved in and I no longer existed. And I was crushed but dealt with it. My father assumed all cat related responsibilities, got all the good kitty loves, and it was like she wasn’t even here. Then My father threw a tantrum because my husband told him for the 10th time that you can’t flush, non flushable cat litter, down the toilet. He even offered to buy the flushable kind, but in the meanwhile there needed to be a plan B. My father from that moment on, refused to ever scoop that cat box. My husband had informed me from the moment he bought her that she was my cat, he wasn’t scooping it. So I was the only one willing to scoop it, and yet I never got to even see my cat, much less enjoy anything other than her poop.

After about 2 weeks of that, I declared it bullshit and invested 15$ into cat toys and treats and a brush to try and buy her love. It’s even mostly worked, as long as my father isn’t around.

But hey, she has free will and can annoy whomever she chooses. Just as long as I’m on that list.

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