My Stats

Name: Karen Marrs
Maiden: Leckington
Birthday : 11.25
Married: 6 years this April
Kids: 2, Thomas aka TK 6 in July, Luke 14 months
Live: Ohio
Job: Photo Lab Supervisor

Eyes: Hazel Green
Hair: Strawberry blond
Handed: Right
Piercings: Ears but closed
Tatoos: Not yet, few planned
Best feature: Eyes and curves
Worst feature: Fat

Confidence: No, unless work or photography is involved
Weakness: Pointy ears, my kids, the D80
Bad Habit: Smoking cigars and cloves
Drugs: Only what doctors prescribe
Drink: Not much any more and limited when I do. Doesn’t mix well with meds.
Go to church: My son goes to school at one, other than that no

Dance in the rain: Not for awhile
Like thunder storms: Yes, they get me
Like snow: No, it’s cold

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