My Hubby

I tried to pick just one, but I couldn’t. It’s too hard to capture who he is on film. So I thought maybe a series?

He is an amazing father and husband.

He is a gentle Giant.

He loves to laugh.

He loves to make everyone else laugh too.

He is an amazing chef.

No really, I have yet to eat at a restaurant that can top him.

I’ve eaten at some expensive restaurants.

He is very determined. If he decides he wants something to happen, he goes for it.

He loves animals. Which is good, we live in a zoo.

He is honest, almost to a fault.

He is fun loving.

He enjoys nature and loves being out in it.

He is passionate.

He is loyal. He was loyal to me even when I didn’t deserve it. He is loyal to his friends even when they are jack asses.

He is creative.

He loves to share his creativity with the world.

He is an incredible story teller. Both fiction and non.

He’s my Patrick.

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