Jim’s Point Of View

“Try working with two people with OCD.”

There is a a manager at work that tells me what to do all the time. Which I realize is his right as a manager. However, generally speaking, when it comes to the lab, I already know what to do. I’m the one running it. So this gentleman, leaves me feeling either disliked or that he doesn’t think I’m competent.

So I asked another manager at work about it. And he laughed and gave me the above quote.

Today we got on the subject of OCD and me. I told him I was too OCD to be able to handle something, I don’t remember what. He paused. “Is that why you are so picky about where all the scissors are in the lab?” Why, yes. Yes it is. It’s why the entire lab screams an OCD person works here. Are you just now realizing this? “No, You just now admitted to it.” Because really, I’m not sure there was any denying it. All he had to do was ask.

But yes, I’m slightly OCD. In the everything thing has a place, an exact place, and no other place sort of way.

Oh, and yes, it actually can be a typical part of BPD.

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