For Better or Worse

Karen: sigh
Pat is talking of calling off larp tomorrow

Jesse: What


Karen: dumb ass drank too much pop and is now having chest pains from caffeine

the damn 4 pack of monsters didn’t help either

Jesse: Has he drank any today

Karen: yep

he ODed yesterday and still drank at least 1 today
even after chest pains
I married a damn genius

Jesse: That’s his fault, I told him to quit earlier :-/

Karen: yep

so he told you
he is now limiting himself to 3 a day
he spoke of purging his system first
then he cracked one open as we watched a movie
I wanted to bash it through his chest
because apparently chest pains aren’t enough
maybe a chest wound will get the message to him
I’m too damn young to be a fucking widow
and I actually like him he these days

Jesse: Yea

Should really stop all together but … I can’t even do that one

Karen: uh huh

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Jesse: i think he proly would be better off going cold on the soda, all of us would = /

Karen: agreed

even I have cut down

Jesse: i have cut myself back to two a day, tops, 1 at lunch while at work and depending on if we have any at home ill have one after dinner or w/e

Karen: 1 in the morn to replace coffee then maybe something caffeine free

Jesse: i replaced a lot of the urges with a cup of hot tea

brb reboot

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Karen: gah

Jesse: wa

Karen: I just hurt physically

Jesse: i see

Karen: head is killing me

Jesse: could be worse

Karen: and Pat is in bed sleeping on my day to sleep in. It’s my day to sleep in because he stayed in bed on Wednesday which was my real day to sleep in

I’m ready to kill him
I get Wednesday He gets Friday
Fucker is in bed

Jesse: sighs

Karen: because he can’t lay off the damn pop

he’d be just fine if he didn’t drink dr pepper all day yesterday
he refuses to do anything to help himself

Jesse: he told me early morning he thought it was due to that, i told him to quit, he didnt obviously

give the man a gallon of water and tell him to down it

Karen: but refuses to acknowledge my pain that I’m doing everything I can to just deal with

he doesn’t listen to me
what do I niow
to Him I’m an oversized child with boobs and a pussy

Jesse: niow – new word :P

Karen: know

I swear to good he’s regarded me as one of the kids since before Thomas
only this kid has a job and responsibility. But he doesn’t acknowledge what I do
I know he works hard
lord knows I don’t want to do it. but I physically can. He gets a check from the government because he can’t do what I do. I don’t want much. Just respect as an equal
Is that so damn much to ask
I earn more, do more but I want to be treated equal. Not better, not worse. Equal
but god forbid he listen to me when I spout common sense
So let the fucker have chest pains. I’m not going to feel bad. I know he is doing it to himself.
And let him spend all day in bed.
but that was long in coming.

Jesse: i know

Karen: the nothing is ever wrong act has holes.

but I’m fine now
I don’t want to leave him
but I’m not happy
and no amount of pills will change that
But the man refuses to really acknowledge me. He isn’t even willing to ask me every day how my day went. I ask him daily usually more than once
I asked him to ask me, he said no
seriously, who does that?
I work way too hard for no visible appreciation

Jesse: when i was with tona, i asked her how her day was not too long after getting there, she got tired of it and told me to quit

Karen: or better yet he tells me to cut hours down for such and such. then without telling me I can go back to 30-40 he just gets pissy when I didn’t work enough. Because seriously I’m psychic and all

I just want acknowledged that I have a day. I don’t walk out the back door and land at a resort or into oblivion. I walk out the door, work hard, come home and take over with the kids while he relaxes
Then on my 1 day to really sleep in no work no nothing till noon, his ass is in bed
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Jesse: i dont know what to really tell you

damned if you do in one hand and damned if you don’t in the other with any situation it comes down to

i think the first and healthiest step would be to discuss with him the soda endeavor

that impacts health and personal welbeing, and overall at the moment is what spurred this sleeping in debate today

High Fructose Corn Syrup, has been proven to cause irregular cell growth, weight gain, assisting in the furtherment of diabetes and overall bad for the human body

dark cola’s are RIPE with it

yes that includes Dr. Pepper.

Karen: honestly i just needed to vent and you were safe

Jesse: Diabetes kills, causes loss of limbs in extreme cases, eye sight loss, weight gain, water retention, can spike the risk for strokes

pat is at high risk for diabetes, drinks soda often, not as much water as needed and little exercise, my grandmother had it, its what lead to her death
Sent at 11:02 AM on Friday

Karen: nod

I just got told to shut up because I was “lecturing” him
Sent at 11:04 AM on Friday

Karen: I’m done trying to reason

Sent at 11:27 AM on Friday

Karen: he pulled out a can of pop and a bottle of pain meds and informed me the pop had less caffeine. I asked what about the suger and he went off about how sugar had nothing to do with it

this was as you were pointing out diabeties
he’s being stupid and angry but won’t let me react or reason

Jesse: sighs can i opt out lol

Karen: I’m just trying to keep him around another few years

I’m out myself
I’m done trying
let him kill himself
Sent at 11:30 AM on Friday

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