ABC’s of why he isn’t a baby anymore

And 26 reasons why I love him.

A is for attitude, and boy does he have it.
B is for bottles, taken away.
C is for cars, one of his favorite toys.
D is for DaDa, his new favorite word.
E is for eating, 3 meals plus 2 snacks
F is for formula, forever gone.
G is for goldfish crackers, his favorite treat.
H is for hair, it’s almost long enough to cut.
I is for ice cream, which he loves to eat.
J is for juice, and it isn’t even watered down.
K is for kisses, he’s learning how to give them.
L is for love, he knows how to show it.
M is for molars, he’s got 3.
N is for noise, little dude loves to screech.
O is for ornery, see definition of a toddler.
P is for patience, required.
Q is for quick, kid moves fast.
R is for resilient, the good news is kids bounce.
S is for solids, he eats with his fingers.
T is for toddler, it’s official.
U is for universe, he’s becoming aware.
V is for verbal, he’s finding words.
W is for walking, even on demand.
X is for x’s and o’s, because he loves to give them.
Y is for yuck, cuz let’s be honest.. kids are sticky, gooey, messes.
Z is for zoo, he’s finally old enough!

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