First and foremost what I say about work will be limited. As of now no one knows of this blog so right now nothing can get me in trouble. But I will never risk that changing.


Well, because what you blog CAN get you fired. And I don’t want that. Not because getting another job would suck and because my job supports my family. No, I actually honestly love my job. Yes, there are some parts that suck sometimes. Customers aren’t always great. Coworkers spending THAT much time together are going to clash at times. And all company heads make decisions that suck sometimes. No, my job isn’t perfect. Despite that, for the most part I love what I do, who I work with and even who I work for. Why risk that?

So what do I do? I run a photo lab. Which one? That would be telling. Seriously. In the off chance I do say something negative, why risk the company over a bad day? Because that’s all it would be, a bad day.

And really, aside from occasional day to day stories, that’s all you really need to know.

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