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Borderline Personality DisorderSitting in the drive through for White Castle (Pat was driving, he wanted it. It was beyond my control.)

Me: She just barred the window!
Pat: She was probably afraid I’d climb through it and eat all the food.
Me: Me like you could fit
(We proceed to play bicker for the next few minutes over whether he could fit out our car window and in through the drive through window.)
Pat: Hey, you have your cell phone, right?
Me: Yeah, why?
Pat: So you can call the fire department when you end up being right!
Me : Yes baby, I have my cell phone. But I won’t be calling the fire department I’ll be calling Jesse so he can come see your fat ass stuck in the window! He can call the fire department! Only knowing Jesse he won’t be calling the fire department he’ll be calling Willy telling him to come check out your fat ass stuck in the window! You better hope Willy calls the fire department!

Needless to say, while I did have him laughing some of that ass off, there were no attempts to climb out or in any windows.

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