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Top of the world and my gnome

So I play a game called world of warcraft, which from here on out shall only be referred to as WoW. In this game my main toon it a gnome warrior who specializes in 2 handed axes. Specialized as in she can duel wield them. I’ll pause while you do the math. Yes, she only has 2 hands.

Anyway, I spend quite a bit of my free time, after the kids are in bed, playing WoW. So I’m sure I’ll reference it often. For now I’ll leave you with the image to the right and a funny story.

I’m standing on the dock in Stormwind waiting for the boat that’ll take me to Northrend. On the dock in front of me is a night elf on his mount jumping around back and forward.

(/say can be heard by anyone right with us. /yell can be heard by half the zone)

/say Me: And I thought gnomes were suppose to be hyper
/say Him: It seems all the gnomish engineering (a profession he has chosen) has worn off on me
/say Me: Or something

/say Me: Though I’m a gnome with gnomish engineering and I’m standing in one spot.
/say Him: wow that must take a lot of self control!
/say Me: Yeah but I’m an ambassador (title earned from an achievement) now so I have to be dignified
/say Him: Good point

By this point we’ve gotten on the boat and it’s zoned into Northrend and has just passed an iceberg overflowing with penguins.

/yell Me: Penguins!
/say Me: Yes, dignified.

And THAT is my gnome in a nutshell

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