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Pain Is…

Borderline Personality Disorder BlogSo I have a new leather executive chair bought for me by my mother for Christmas. And it’s NICE. Except for one problem… When not properly attired I tend to stick to it. And standing up is rather tedious and painful.

I also have a habit of sitting with one leg tucked under me. And said leg does often fall asleep.

So picture this:

My leg I’m sitting on has, as usual, fallen asleep. I go to nudge it out from under me when I realize to my horror that the flesh of said leg is stuck to the chair. So it hurts because it’s asleep and the nerve endings are going “Fuck You!” and it hurts because it’s become “one” with the leather and the nerve endings are going, “No really, FUCK you!”

And it was 2 kinds of owe.

And of course, I couldn’t just shift my weight, because said leg was not the only thing stuck to the chair.

I’ve never felt so pathetic.

OK, so maybe I have. But it’s been at least an hour.

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