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My heart, it grows

Pregnancy and BPDIt isn’t a huge secret around here that I want another baby. Shit, even my boss knows. I’d just been promoted right around the time Pat and I were talking about it and I wanted to confirm I had the support of my coworkers. (Let me tell you I am blessed to work for someone who straight forward and honestly tells me my job should be the last thing I worry about when considering conceiving a baby. I left that conversation knowing he’d honestly and personally see to it that my job would be there waiting for me after 6 weeks leave. And they’d do everything in their power to be sure my pregnancy itself would be smooth.) So really, it’s no secret. We’d even seriously discussed going for it this exact month, knowing that we both wanted an October baby.

But alas, things just don’t seem to be looking to go that way. There isn’t any one reason. The economy sucks, but we’re actually more ok now than we’ve ever been financially. My company has had to shut down a few locations abruptly recently, but they were failing stores and the one I’m in is thriving. Pat is still mildly overwhelmed taking care of one baby who can’t yet walk and talk and is as a result a needy little man who can’t communicate what he wants. Though in 9 months it’ll be getting him to sit down and shut up that’ll be the hard part, if his big brother is any indication. So there isn’t a real solid this is the reason to end all reasons, it is just kinda a gut feeling that while we both really want it, we’d be best to wait another 6-12 months.

At the same time, there are no accidents in this family. Surprises maybe, but pleasant ones. So who knows, anything could happen, right?

On the bright side, our current financial status has us weighing out the option of a new car for me. As in made within the last 6 months new. Not someone else is done with it so it’s handed down to me. This is HUGE in my book. Both cars that I’ve driven have been well worn before they even got to me. And while they worked, how well is always a question whose answer could change without much if any notice at all.

The best argument about why this is affordable is the gas millage mine gets. It was made while Clinton was in office and you could fill a tank and your belly on a 20. Not so much anymore. With the distance I have to travel to work growing, and the amount of trips to and from school only increasing, 1 car that goes through 30-40$ in gas a week isn’t cutting it. So we’re talking about looking into a hybrid for me. Talking meaning it’ll happen but I best not fall in love with anything yet.

Not fall in love with something that isn’t a sure thing? Dude I already have the name of number 3 (Nathaniel Jacob) and 4 (Samantha Levey, because it’ll be the 4th shot that finally gets us our girl) picked out.

Not fall in love, Ha!

I’m thinking the Chevy Cobalt would be a quite sexy baby number 2.5, though the Honda Fit would allow more room for the babies I already have. (Hmm, did I mention we can’t fit 2 car seats in our current car? Thank god Thomas is heavy and old enough to not legally need one. But reason number 253 to move on to new wheels.)

Not fall in love, my ass!

Tell ya a secret… I’d still rather have the baby. What can I say, babies love back.

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