Bits and Pieces of Thoughts

I feel like I should be posting more. Getting the hell, and that’s what we’ll call it, I’m going through down on record. But even on the rare night that I’m not asleep before my kids… (wow I’ve retyped that last part like 5 times and the next part even more) I’m having trouble forming complete and understandable sentences. The thoughts are fleeting and jumbled. And I find my mind searching for the correct words like a little kid learning to talk. I’ll be fine for a few sentences and then lose it completely over a simple one. I guess it’s less obvious in type. But I think my co-workers are starting to notice the blank stare and me tripping over my tongue as I try to search for words.

And yes, the depression was a bigger, larger, greater hell than the side effects of celexa.

Still need to talk to the meds doc though. Hallucinations can’t be a good sign. They aren’t true hallucinations. They are classified as “disturbances”.

Either way you look at it, these meds are fucking with my head.

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