Yeah.  Sorry.  Here is the thing: Some of you are planning last-minute holiday orders via Amazon. Are you one of those people?  Can you maybe place your order by entering their site using the link to the right?  Has this moved down the page some?  Ok, scroll up to the top of the page, you’ll […]

A Quality Investment

So Sambam and I got matching stamped bracelets.  Only, ours are more printed on than actually stamped. There is no indent.  There is ink or sticky or something.  I don’t care. Except how I got thinking how I would do it different. Then I got thinking I could do it different. Then I got thinking […]

Finding Logic In Words

Since before I even graduated high school, over 10 years ago, I’ve been a student at the local community college.  At no point, aside from one measly semester in 11 years, has this gone well for me.  First I was young and dumb and made a bad decision.  Then I had the consequences of that […]

Christmas Nears

Sorry about that, but it does. I have a favor to ask. One that doesn’t actually require you to do anything. If you are already planning an Amazon purchase or 20, can you enter the site by one of the links I offer? You don’t have to buy anything specific our even special, but by […]


Work is going good and I just got a promotion, but with 3 kids, every little bit helps.  I’ve built an association with Amazon.  Don’t know if it will work out or do any good.  But the perk is I get to show you the books for BPD I recommend the most. (Bottom right column)  […]