In A World

In a world where beauty is the first thing noted. In a world full of world full of words like: beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, cute, adorable, sexy, etc. In a world where intelligence seems to be the afterthought.  They’ll notice your tits before they notice how you can foil out those binomials. In a world where […]

In Response aka I’m so Happy

Pat’s live journal: Karen and I… there are so many ways I could end that sentence. when we met we were players in someone Else’s game, when we fell in love we were players in someone Else’s game, when we were happy we were players in someone Else’s game. I tried so many times to […]

Saint Patrick Ver 2.0

Before you look at the title and think im patting myself on the back please read on… its not what you think. 48 hours ago I had an ex try to reconnect with me. I don’t know if she was after friendship, a booty call, just curious what has changed in 9 years, or what. […]

Quote of the Day

I had just got into a senseless argument with a girl on WoW and in the end Discovered she was in fact BPD… I then made my own Quotes list(vain I know). “I understand… Its taken me 7 years to figure out how to lose a fight with my wife so that in the long […]

Im an enabler…

So Karen and I went to the pet store today to buy “A” Rat to go along with TK’s ONE Rat… already I’m less then 12 words in and I’m sure you can see where this is going. the same gentlemen(and I use the term VERY loosely…) that sold me TK’s Rat was our ‘helper’ […]


I no longer know if I’m being Supportive of Karen, or being an enabler… all I know is that I’m Miserable, Unhappy, and don’t know how to handle any/all of this any more. I’m scared of talking around her because I’m not sure what id say out of Anger, or out of love for that […]

retort and/or clearifacation.

Pat says I’m better educated on BPD than anyone else who has it. I know everything from the criteria for diagnosis to what chemicals in my brain my meds affect. And that’s true. He isn’t the first person to tell me I’m highly educated and self aware on this subject. I have to be. If […]

32 miles

They found Karen a Room. its out of town a ways but if it helps its well worth the drive. it will be a 40 minute drive on avg. I’m only going to be allowed to visit her an hour a day in the evenings.

as of this morning

…Karen is still in the ER, they are looking for a room for her at one of three places that take our insurance and such.

I promise…

…to keep you all updated.