My only real goal with this party, this project, is friendship.  I don’t have a lot of real solid friendship and I’m lonely.  Very, very lonely.  In fact, I’ve brought those in my head back to me so that I’m not always so alone.  Sometimes they help, sometimes they just show me how alone I […]

Be There or Be Triangle

This isn’t a full post, I do apologize, but I wanted to make sure to post a reminder that this very evening, on the twitter, starting at 8PM EST is the second #GeekParty. It is anything but formal.  It is very random.  There are no set topics, ever.  We talk comic book movies, Doctor Who, […]

This Isn’t Really Here

But that button at the very tippy top of the left side column?  Oh, it most certainly is here!  I think you should push the button!

You Can Find Me Here And Here But Not There

I am leaving Facebook by the end of the month.  I am giving as much warning as possible because I will have people mad about losing access to stories about the kids.  Not to mention that the Facebook page for this site won’t exist. I am still all over the internet, just no longer am […]

New Phone Redux

I hate smart phones.  I’m not overly thrilled to own one.  Yes, the apps are cool.  Yes, I’ll use them.  But I am just not one of those people that has to have the latest and greatest smart phone. In fact, 24 hours in and I’ve already had to do my first factory reset.  Because […]

I’ve Read The Lord Of The Rings. I Know How They Intend For This To End.

Presented for your giggles: [<a href="http://storify.com/walkingborder/turns-out-his-was-bigger" target="_blank">View the story "Turns Out, His Was Bigger" on Storify</a>]

I Get Around

Let’s take a look around at the different places you can find me online, these days. I’ll start by gently reminding those who want or need to know, that I’ve changed my twitter handle to @therealkmarrs.  My online cohorts know me as KMarrs.  That handle was taken.  By someone who hasn’t used it in 2 […]

This Might Be Unpopular

We all dislike the ads on Facebook and other social media sources. But should a false rumour spread that Facebook is going to start charging?  We become outraged! Guess what, peeps, we can’t have both.  These social media sites have bills to pay, servers to maintain, tech support, brains, etc to payroll.  That shit is […]

Things I Would Hoard If I Were A Hoarder

Blame the twitter for this. Empty pill bottles Empty honey nut cheerio boxes: sorted according to size Empty pop cans.  But only Sunkist and A&W Lists Empty Easter eggs Bottles of lotion, empty and otherwise Never used make-up and nail polish Used up sharpie markers Right shoes, with the left ones nowhere in sight Broken […]

Quick Touch of the Base

As of this exact second, it is 5:15Am on December 7th and I have to be at the hospital in 45 minutes. I will send out a tweet later this afternoon or so when I’m out of surgery and capable of tweeting anything close to a complete thought. See you all later!