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I think I want my .com for Christmas. Possibly more than I want my new mouse. It would be cheaper too. It’s 10$ per year. I can buy it through blogger too. It would be my blog just instead of whatever it currently is.


I have to get my laundry done tonight. It can’t be avoided. My dad has to do his laundry tomorrow and I have an over night bag to pack for my kids. I must get all my laundry washed, dried and folded. Don’t even have to put it away. But I must get it done.

By posting it here I will get my motivation needed to get it done. Yeah, that’s it.

In related news, I’d pay someone 5$ a week to come over once a week and do all my laundry for me.


I’m getting fan mail and people asking me for advice (about BPD). It’s really kinda cool! The fan mail is awesome and all but the requests for advice really rocks my socks! That is, after all, why I do this. To help people.


My oldest has informed me that next Easter is going to be at Brenda’s house. Does she know about this? Well that’s easy, I can tell her.

Brenda, I’m not holding you to this. He’s young, he’ll get over it.

One time a tradition make. He is me kid.


I’m glad his lungs are strong and healthy and all that jazz… But oh holy hell can my littlest scream!

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