The Side Effects – Savella

Like any mental health med, there are of course a collection of side effects. Risk verses benefits. I want to talk about that. Savella is in the anti-depressant family. While it isn’t used to treat depression, as it has a slightly different formula, it has the same chemical basis. As such, any anti-depressant has one […]

Wait, Is THAT Why?

Luke, standing on scale: What number did I turn momma?Me: 43.6!  You’re getting so big and strong!Luke: I know!  It’s because I poop all the time now! Ok.  Wait.  Pooping creates weight gain now?  About as logical as the doctor’s insistence that it wasn’t the beta-blocker.  And no, apparently I’m not over that yet.  Especially […]

Doctor Thinks Little and Does Less

I have a hard decision I have to face.  What would be cut and dry with any other doctor is complicated by the fact that my current doctor works for the same company as my mom and that company has a really great reputation.  However, he is riding on their shirt tails.  I’ve seen the […]

Love You Guys

A commenter on One Thousand Percent has mentioned they have access to Harvard’s medical databases and they like a challenge. If just once before I die someday, I can say the following words to a medical doctor, I’ll die happy. Well according to the Harvard medical database, which I’m sure you have access to, (right?) […]

One Thousand Percent

Look, I know you have to take what you read on the internet with a grain of salt.  I also know, after years of taking various meds and years of internet journeys, when to start putting belief in what the internet says.  What sites.  How many testimonials at what percent all saying the same damn […]

Weighing Heavy

My body and I have a love/hate relationship.  I have never been a small girl.  Even as a child I wasn’t small.  It took me 27 years, but I finally got to where I could look at myself in the mirror and instead of seeing fat and sloth, I saw a body that held 3 […]

Just A Quick Meds Update

Before pregnancy, my anti-depressant was at 90mg of Cymbalta.  After Sammy was born, we started at 60 knowing we could up it at any time.  I’m officially put in the request for it to go back to the 90.  I’m not in bad shape, by any means, I just feel I could be doing better.  […]

Some Important Medical (Mental and Physical) Updates and Other Randomness Thrown In

There are like 5 blog posts I need to write.  Like a week ago.  So I’ve decided at this point, I’m just going to combine them all into one post.  Seems to make more sense than spamming the net with 5 posts in one day, yes? Current Mental Health State My mental state is really […]

Dieting and Meds

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I’ve stopped tracking my weight on this blog. More specifically, I’ve stopped tracking my weight and indeed, weighing myself in general. It got to be more than I could handle. In all fairness to me, I’m on 4 different meds that have the potential to cause weight gain. […]

Sick Day

I’m just not feeling so very good. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just my meds acting up. But I was up half the night sick in the bathroom. By the time morning came around I’d gotten no sleep and felt like death and was still sick in the bathroom. So I called off. […]