A Klutz With Fibromyalgia

ER Doctor: So what did you do to your wrist? Me:I tripped over a kid, not my own, and braced my fall with it. Dr: Ow!  And you did this today (Late Thursday)? Me: No… Sunday afternoon. Dr: And you’re just coming in? Me: Well, I’m a klutz with fibromyalgia.  If I came in every […]

911 What’s Your Emergency

I woke up a week ago to the worst headache I’ve ever had and a neck I could barely move.  Now, I’m use to headaches but not like this. Never the less, I went on to my Math class that night thinking little of it.  It wasn’t until I got home after math, and was […]

Labor Day Pains

One day, many days from now, I’m going to laugh at the fact I spent labor day weekend 2013 laboring over my first kidney stone.  Back contractions and all.  But not yet.  As I type this I’m 96+ hours into this bullshit and not nearly ready to laugh.  On the plus side, this afternoon I […]

I Did It!

I have been missing it since last fall.  Never thought I would, but the feeling of power that comes from pushing through the burn as my feet hit the pavement, is strangely addictive. Warm up.  Run.  Walk.  Run.  Walk.  And so on until cool down and collapse. I have it nowhere near by the book.  […]

Like Apples to Oranges

I took my first, and hopefully last, Benadryl yesterday.  I think I prefer the anaphylactic shock I was starting to go into. Ok, realistically, I probably wasn’t going into full shock.  I’ve been allergic to the wax on apples for over 10 years now.  I’m constantly having my throat swell up due to “bad apples” […]

I Am Legend

The official story that will go in my memoir should I ever write one will discuss how I took a hoof to the face while saving a tiny tiny infant from a herd of stampeding unicorns.  Very angry unicorns.  Only the baby and I can see them. The reality is that I suppose with a […]

Handsome in Pink

Luke had his Ortho appointment, last Friday, for his wrist.  Apparently while it is just fractured in one spot, it is also broken in another. He remains steadfast in his bravery in these whole shenanigans. Probably because he got to pick out the details for his cast.  It’s hot pink, glows in the dark, and […]

A Pink Anniversary

I could have handled the sinuses. It moving to my chest was to be expected.  For me.  Everything moves to my chest.  I have a great chest, after all. But what I woke up to last Tuesday, the day before my 10-year-anniversary, was a bit much. I woke up for my shower at about 6.  […]

I Have A Dream

Last night I dreamt that I was diagnosed with mono and ordered a week of strict bed rest. And it was the best dream ever. Until. My dream self informed the doctor that this simply couldn’t happen because this week is both the 1st and the 3rd of the month and we are severely short-staffed. […]

With Great Stupidity

I woke up in the early hours with a sword through my chest.  Swear to The Almighty He Who Is Or Isn’t that while it may have not been visible, it was there.  It started from the front, over the center of my chest, plunged through, and out through my spine.  Oddly, I think my […]

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