Yesterday’s Companion

I thought about posting this yesterday as well, but I didn’t want to imply that he died in service.  He was most certainly a vet who fought for our freedom.  But he outlived that war.  

Ginny Rose

This is little Ginny Rose, whom is named for my Maternal Grandmother Virginia. Little Ginny is forever perched on my right shoulder.  Her and her books. Years ago, my mom and sister got matching cherry blossoms. With Rachel and I having been born right outside DC, it was a way to tie my mom and […]

Say It To Me Not Behind Me

We are best friends, but when we catch up it’s hard for me to get a word in to catch you up on my life. This wouldn’t be nearly as bad if 90% of your words weren’t negative about everyone and everything in your life. We all can say something negative about everyone we know, […]

Quick Notes

First off today was the day for spending money. My mom bought me my flash. It’s the Promaster 7500 Nikon mount if anyone is interested. Otherwise it’s just a really nice flash that doesn’t have to be attached to my camera to work. That means really nice lighting options. Oh and it’s a 250$ flash […]


My cousin David wrote a very moving piece about his Grandparents on his blog. You can find the post here. We, of course being cousins, share a set of Grandparents. I direct you to this post for two reasons. One, it’s well written and I think it should be read. It’s enough to make you […]


I had therapy today. No major break through or anything. We’re still getting to know each other. Well, I know her as well as I’m going to. She’s getting to know me better. We talked about some of the things in the past that have hurt me. How my step father was mentally and emotionally […]

I’m Reading…

Dave’s Buttoned Up Mind He’s my cousin! Enjoy!

Rambles… You Know The Drill

First off, and it must be said… I’d kill for a brownie. A 9x9in brownie. Hit man for hire, will work for chocolate. I got out of bed this morning, hopped on my menstrual cycle and I’m ready to run your ass over. Anyone’s ass really. I stole that from Jeff Dunham. It’s 7:00 and […]

Welcome Family

My aunt, uncle, and cousins are now reading this site. It’s kinda scary for me. I don’t think much of many family knows how fucked up I truly am. So them seeing this up close will I imagine surprise them, to say the least. Shock value, I has it. I’m not looking to shock. I’m […]

People in Places

I need to thank the people who came to visit me in the hospital. Pat and mom go without saying. Both made their support known loud and clear. Brenda I had the feeling would be there if I wanted her. As soon as I made it known I did, she made the trek up to […]