Watch Your Face

I’ve talked Pat into getting a dog.  Alright, so he’s making me wait until we get back from vacation in July, but still, that’s not so very far off.  At this point, I think he just wants me to stop begging for a baby.  What with me having been sterilized, it was buy me a […]

This ‘N’ That

Alright, so I am way over due to write something, so I am going to touch base with a general check-in. My blood pressure meds are working well, as long as I don’t miss a dose. But I keep some in my purse so I hopefully won’t miss any. In the event of a break […]

The Cat Who Moved In

Monday, a stray cat of about 4-6 months in age, randomly followed my 8yo home from the bus stop.  And by followed him home, I mean when the 8yo walked in the back door, so did the cat.  Then the cat made himself at home like he’d been here all along.  We’re just really unobservant, […]

I Met A Spider

Her name is Charlie.  She is an orb weaver about the size of a quarter and not a threat to anyone or thing living in my household.  She lives outside, up high, where she isn’t in the way or in my face for me to panic.  She has caught a few hundred dozen skeeters and […]

New Furry Addition To The Family

Congratulations, it’s a girl. My sister has a snake. She feeds this snake rats. I try not to think about it but it’s a fact of life. Snakes eat rodents and things. These rats tend to be bread for this purpose. My, down to, 3 rats are feeder rats. They just had a higher calling […]

Quick Notes

We bought the rats unsalted peanuts in their shells today. Watching them fight over 1, when I had the entire bag in my hands was funny. Watching them fight over anything is comical. They don’t fight dirty. They just play grab and run. You’d have to see it to understand. I’m sure David gets where […]

Rat Babies

Here are some long overdue pics of the Rats and the new cage. These are really out of focus because auto focus was focusing on the cage, not the rats. And manual focus had some operator errors. They are also kind of dark because I didn’t want to shine the flash right at them, so […]

Quick Notes

First off today was the day for spending money. My mom bought me my flash. It’s the Promaster 7500 Nikon mount if anyone is interested. Otherwise it’s just a really nice flash that doesn’t have to be attached to my camera to work. That means really nice lighting options. Oh and it’s a 250$ flash […]

In Happier Rat News…

The big cage is done and the boys love it. They have so much more room to run and play. I have the floor of it lined in paper tubes. They now have 7 tubes in total. I also placed Gabby’s smaller cage down inside the big one so that the rats can nest in […]


We lost Gabby today. She was our only female rat. We aren’t sure how or why it happened. We can only guess. I’d been noticing she wasn’t eating much the past couple of weeks. We’ve all noted she was smaller than the others. And she had a lump on her armpit that looked like it […]